Wiz Khalifa, who has appeared on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list alongside Drake and other stars, recently spoke about what he felt when he saw his placement.

“It’s cool as hell,” Khalifa says to VladTV. “It’s awesome. It just makes people look at me like I’m rich.”

Wiz also explains how managed to make the most of his earnings.

“A lot of it comes from taking the right opportunities and making the best of them,” he says. “I just break my businesses down and put them in the right areas to where it makes sense.”

While Wiz is known for his wealth, due to lyrics on track like “Work Hard, Play Hard,” in which he boasts about diamonds, gold watches, and $100,000 champagne, Khalifa is also known for his appreciation for weed. That affinity has also landed the rapper in some legal trouble as he says he’s been arrested many times on marijuana related issues.

“The number is 21 right now,” he says. “Yep, 21 arrests.”

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