This week’s top stories feature Floyd Mayweather, Game and Dizaster. Floyd Mayweather and Tiny meet, Game discusses reuniting with his former foes and Dizaster lets one fly toward Math Hoffa were the week’s top stories on HipHopDX.

Floyd Mayweather Rebuffed By Tiny On BET Awards Red Carpet

Floyd Mayweather was rebuffed by Tiny on the BET Award Red Carpet Sunday (June 29).

In May, T.I. and Floyd Mayweather were involved in an altercation in Las Vegas. 

The skirmish reportedly took place at a Fatburger restaurant in Las Vegas.

The boxer was reportedly eating when T.I. approached him and confronted him. 

The confrontation reportedly occurred because T.I.’s wife, Tiny, was spending time with Mayweather and his entourage. 

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Game Discusses Reuniting With G-Unit, Recording “Bigger Than Me”

Game again shared his thoughts on the recent G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam last month. He said that he thought it was good that 50 Cent allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to “stack chips” and says that although he’s straight, the idea of reuniting with the other members of G-Unit would be dope.

Game addressed the G-Unit reunion during an interview with Hot 97’s Miss Info, after being asked what he thought about being labeled bipolar by 50 Cent.

“I think he bipolar, which is why we even worked together in the first place,” Game said. “I think that 50 is very, very rich. I think he doesn’t need to make music if he doesn’t want to. It’s like Dr. Dre. He don’t have to. I think that I got enough things going in my life and I’ve saved enough money to where I don’t even have to make music. I think it’s dope that he allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to go out and stack chips. You know what I’m saying? And he’s out there with ’em. And he’s doing stuff to keep them going. I think that’s dope. I think [as] separate entities we will be okay if I never reunited with G-Unit. If it happened I think that would be dope, but I mean, I’m straight.”

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Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During King Of The Dot “BOLA5” Battle, Footage Released

At the end of their King of the Dot BOLA5 battle June 28, Dizaster punched Math Hoffa, according to BattleRap. Dizaster explained his take on the fight following the incident via Twitter.

“I squared off with math and dropped him after all the comotion, if he lies his bitch……i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches…Somone has the footage i fucked his ass up nobody was helping me….they saw that shit pussy ass bitchea..,he fuckin dared me i aint a bitch…Footage will come soon i fuckin dropped him and pounded him on the floor solo on everything i love…Hes been doin this to me for 3 years , im sorry i cudnt take it anymore he mentally fucked with me for years…He kept saying u wont do shit i dare u i dare u..,fuck u then u win some u lose some…” Diz said via Twitter. 

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