At the very end of their King of the Dot BOLA5 battle today (June 28), Dizaster punched Math Hoffa, according to BattleRap. Dizaster explained his take on the fight following the incident via Twitter.

“I squared off with math and dropped him after all the comotion, if he lies his bitch……i fired on him he fell &i landed a gang of punches…Somone has the footage i fucked his ass up nobody was helping me….they saw that shit pussy ass bitchea..,he fuckin dared me i aint a bitch…Footage will come soon i fuckin dropped him and pounded him on the floor solo on everything i love…Hes been doin this to me for 3 years , im sorry i cudnt take it anymore he mentally fucked with me for years…He kept saying u wont do shit i dare u i dare u..,fuck u then u win some u lose some…” Diz said via Twitter. 

In April 2014, Dizaster told BattleRap that Math Hoffa was scared of battling in Los Angeles, California. Earlier this month, BattleRap published a brief history of the feud between the two battle rappers. Diz and Math are also both part of Eminem’s Battle Rap reality series, Road To Total SlaughterBoth emcees are also likely to be at the Eminem-back Total Slaughter event set to feature Hollow Da Don versus Joe Budden, which, according to the Total Slaughter Twitter account, already seems to be losing sponsors. 

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