Ahead of his performance in Dallas at the 97.9 The Beat’s Dub Car Show earlier this month, Lil Boosie responded to the possibility of a reality show featuring the mothers of his children and his seven children themselves.

In March, TMZ reported that Walnita Decuir, Tracey Taylor, Trivia Weatherspoon, and Gerlissa Haze had filmed a pilot for a potential series chronicling their friendship and lives while Boosie was still in prison. The four women are the mothers of Boosie’s seven children. At the time, the show was reportedly being shopped at networks like Fuse and Oxygen. In 2010, Decuir was reportedly arrested for an attempt at smuggling drugs for Lil Boosie while the rapper was in prison.

Speaking with 97.9’s The Beat, Boosie reacted to the possible reality show by saying “I ain’t gonna stop them from getting their money.”

“At first I wasn’t with it at all,” he said. “I thought it’d make my children argue, all their mommas. I ain’t gonna stop nobody from getting money. If they want to get money, I ain’t gonna stop the show or nothing like that. I ain’t gon’ be in it. But I ain’t gonna stop them from getting their money.”

During the interview, Lil Boosie also promoted his upcoming double-disc album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. Last month Boosie said the release would be “the best double-disc since All Eyez On Me.”

“I’m bringing that real quality music, what’s really going on in the world besides popping bottles and models and things like that,” he also said. “That reality rap. That N.W.A, Geto Boys Rap, and people gotta feel it.”

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