As a member of Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, G-funk pioneer Kokane helped the Godfather of Gangster Rap build a brand that would serve as the prototype for Hip Hop’s independent label business model.

But with the buzzed about N.W.A biopic, which is being produced by Ice Cube’s CubeVision production company, already in the casting process, Kokane worries that his former boss’ legacy is being misrepresented.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the west coast crooner says he refuses to sit idly by.

“We put a proposal together called ‘Protecting the Ruthless Legacy’ that we want to get on The Arsenio Hall Show,” said Kokane, whose critically new album, Shut da F#@! Up & Cut Da Checc, hit iTunes Jan. 14. “We gettin’ it done right now as we speak. Everybody’s agreed. And it’s gonna be beautiful to see. We’ll have all [Eazy’-Es] kids come on, MC Ren, Big Hutch, Yella, J.J. Fad and we’re gonna tell the real story because, Ice Cube, I don’t fault you for doing this movie. You’re a genius, and you show that stereotypes can be lifted off of us, but at the same time you are doing something that’s wrong and foul. You’re purposely leaving out certain information that is vital to the story.”

Kokane said that Ice Cube is making a movie without getting the facts from the people that witnessed it first-hand.

“It’s sad cause you see Cube, you see all these people doing this N.W.A movie honoring Eazy, but they’re not even getting internal,” Kokane said. “They’re lying saying that they’re getting in touch with people, but Eazy’s children didn’t even get a phone call. I didn’t get a phone call. Above The Law didn’t get a phone call and it’s like they’re doing it for profit, but they’re not doing it authentically from the heart. It’s unethical and it’s foul. it’s like you don’t care. You guys care about getting money. But you know the good thing about it: There’s always hope out there to have the real story told. It’s increments. You gotta go back and touch the people if you wanna get the truth, because there’s so much blockage as far as capital. It’s a story that if it’s told right and somebody can crack open this thing wide enough, everything else is gonna be the prototype for every other story. Trust me.” 

Kokane is looking to bring the West Coast full-circle with his new label, Bud E Boy Ent., which features a roster of artists and producers from various locations, including one that with ties to the past.

“I’m working with Eazy’s son, E3, and he sounds just like his dad,” Kokane said. “It’s fitting because the way I’m running my company comes from the blueprint that Eric [Eazy-E’s given name] started.” 

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