Following his release from prison in March, Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie revealed that he no longer does drugs and has surrounded himself with positive people.

And during an interview with 97.9 The Beat, the Trill Entertainment emcee spoke further on his decision to do away with drugs, and also commented on the numerous drug tests he’s had to take following his release from prison. Boosie says that his drug-free lifestyle has made him both smarter and wiser.

“Every time I leave out of town I gotta take one,” he said, when asked about drug tests. “When I come back I gotta take one…I’m talking multimillion dollar deals now. So, I can’t be all loaded, ducking my head. You know? It’s just—I’m high off the money…I’m more smarter. I’m more wiser. Probably a lot of stuff that I entertained back in the game I wouldn’t—I’d look over it.”

Boosie also revealed that a number of his fans helped put money on his books during his time spent at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. On the contrary, he says a lot of his past associates didn’t help him out financially during his prison sentence.

“Yeah, random people, People from all over. A lot of my fans,” Boosie said. “Yeah, I’ll be able to see the names. I wrote so many letters back to the fans. Some fans I couldn’t even write because I didn’t have the time to write it. It’d be 100 letters a night. When you in population you gotta work. You gotta work from six o’clock in the morning to four in the evening… A lot of people thought I was gone. You know, they was talking all that stuff. So, a lot of people thought I was gonna get the death penalty.”

Lil Boosie was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary on March 5 of this year. Weeks following his release, the rapper detailed his lifestyle changes during an interview with Vlad TV.

“Well, I don’t do drugs anymore,” he said in May. “That’s what I went to jail for. Third offense marijuana and firearms. So, you know, I don’t do drugs no more. I’m more focused, man. Drugs lead to all kind of other bad consequences that come with that. You know? I’m not breaking no rules. I’m drug free. All I want to do is focus on my career. And you know I don’t hang around certain people anymore. My circle’s small. I’m around positive people.”

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