Minya Oh, known in the Hip Hop industry as Miss Info, has been in the rap game for over 20 years and recently, Buzzfeed profiled the industry insider and her life in Hip Hop journalism.

In the detailed career biography of the famed magazine writer turned radio personality and entrepreneur, the piece described some of Oh’s most standout career moments including her five mic review of Nas’ Illmatic for The Source. She also detailed being at the magazine when she was the only Asian person working there.

“It was that classic I see you in my rear-view mirror and I don’t like it, and I might swerve a little to try and drive you off the road,” Miss Info said about working at the magazine at the time. “When you’re the only Asian-American girl in an office, you don’t have the luxury to say, ‘You have to listen to me because I’m different.’ You have to get in where you fit in. You have to show that you’re not just in it for the glamour, or ‘cause you wanna party, or ‘cause you love black guys.”

Her time of leave from Hot 97 also made it into the story. Following a controversial on air bout with then co-host Miss Jones, Miss Info would also be taken off the air for a while for not “being a team player” with the rest of the station’s hosts.

“That moment was only the culmination of a long history of tiny terrorism,” Oh reflected. “Lots of little comments: You should be so thankful that we allow you to be in hip-hop because we all know the only reason why you really wanna be here is to sleep with rappers. You think you’re better than us. I almost felt like it was a test: Let’s see whether we can push Miss Info to do what she knows is not right.”

Buzzfeed’s profile also details Miss Info’s creation of MissInfo.com, her early life in Chicago and some of her most recent offers in the world of business and television. Read the full piece here.

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