Wiz Khalifa and Nas have partnered to craft a “We Dem Boyz” remix. Khalifa previewed the effort by playing a portion of the track in an Instagram video which features Nas in the studio.

The video was posted yesterday (June 3). However, it isn’t the first time fans have heard about the selection. Khalifa also spoke about it during a recent interview.

“Oh, the remix is gonna be crazy,” Wiz Khalifa said. “The ‘We Dem Boyz’ remix. I could tell you guys. I got Nas. Because you know why I got Nas, man. Nas is the original bottle popper, designer, clothes rocker, weed smoker, young, fly nigga. He was doing all that, spitting. He was like putting that out there in a way niggas never heard that before. And I feel like our generation they need to re-see that from Nas. And like know him from that.” 

Khalifa’s Instagram clip is below. 

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