Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX before this weekend’s Summer Jam festival, Hot 97 personalities Miss Info and Laura Stylez recalled their favorite moments from the annual music festival.

Miss Info went on to detail the Summer Jam moment that consisted of Kanye West and Swizz Beatz taking part in a beat battle live on stage. The Hot 97 radio personality also shared a previously unknown fact about that particular Summer Jam moment.

According to Miss Info, following their Summer Jam beat battle, Swizz Beatz revealed that he and Kanye were hoping to create an album inspired by their beat battle moment.

“That moment when Kanye and Swizz went back and forth with their—It was like a beat battle,” Miss Info said. “Each one of them played their own hits back and forth and back and forth. It was so incredible because they became—they actually became different than their onstage personas. They became Hip Hop nerds. And they went through their history. And they were beating their chests, but it was all in love. And the crowd just got to watch two amazing superstars sort of have a pissing contest. The best part was that afterwards they were so excited about it Swizz was telling me backstage that they wanted to do an entire CD like that. They wanted to do an album going back and forth.”

Both Info and Laura Stylez discussed the infamous and currently retired Summer Jam screen. Miss Info revealed that not even 50 Cent, who took aim at Ja Rule via the Summer Jam screen in 2003, would use the Summer Jam screen if it was present this year.

“I think that 50 Cent where he is right now: new record deal, kind of this independence. He’s resolved a lot of beefs with other people, but then at the same time fell apart from his original crew. I don’t think that even he would do a Summer Jam screen. Everyone’s too polished,” she said.

Lastly, Miss Info encouraged Summer Jam attendees to enjoy the moment and not concern themselves with who may or may not appear as a surprise guest.

“This is a problem that I have with Hip Hop fans right now,” Info said. “How is it not enough that Kendrick Lamar is murdering that stage right there? I mean, he is like rapping his ass off. It’s the album of the year. I mean, if all you can think about in that moment is ‘Is Jay Z gonna come out and join him?’ Then you have failed as a Hip Hop fan. And I think that we have to allow the great Hov to have a moment to just stand there backstage and watch the show just like the rest of us…Why is that not enough? It’s almost like this weird, gladiator stadium. It’s like ‘Are you not entertained?’”

This year’s Summer Jam music festival is slated to take place on Sunday, June 1 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The festival will include scheduled performances from 50 Cent, Nas, Nicki Minaj, The Roots, Action Bronson, and a number of other artists.

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Additional Reporting By: Kathy Iandoli

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