Usher, who mentored Justin Bieber when the singer entered the music industry as a teen, has addressed the Pop star’s recently-unearthed video clips, which feature Bieber using the n-word and making racist remarks.

“I gave every bit of advice and always told him it was up to him if he really wanted this,” Usher says in an interview with Nylon. “Now that he has it, as an adult, it’s his to manage.”

Usher further elaborated on his stance regarding this issue.

“Do I turn my head in shame based off of what I see, what I know?” he says. “Nah, I don’t because it’s all part of life’s process. Am I in it with him? Yeah.” 

Usher’s stance is, at least in part, influenced by his work as a young artist. Puff Daddy mentored him as a teen and Usher feels it’s an important facet of his career. 

“Artistic development made me who I am,” he says. “Somebody took the time to help me find what it is that works for me as an entertainer and who I am as a music maker.” 

To view the first clip that was released featuring Bieber’s racist comments, click here. To view the second video, which features Bieber’s racist song, click here

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