Footage has surfaced of a 15-year-old Justin Bieber using the N-word.

The singer asks why Black people are afraid of chain saws and uses the N-word in his answer to his question. Someone in the clip can be heard asking him not to say it. 

According to TMZ, the footage was offered to them four years ago. They say they did not use it because the singer was 15 at the time and that he “immediately told his friends what he did was stupid.” The site says one African American person was present when he said this and adds “that really doesn’t matter much.” 

The video was posted today (June 1) by “a British pay site,” according to TMZ.  

TMZ reports that sources say Bieber is “frustrated and sad” and that he wants to address it publicly. The site says he will do so in the next day. 

Some have responded to this footage being released, including Killer Mike, who laughed at a comment made about Bieber on Twitter. Amanda Seales, who has gone by Amanda Diva, also commented on this, saying “GET HIM OUTTA HERE.” Lord Jamar has also posted the clip of Bieber’s comments on his timeline. 

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