Months after Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar referred to pop star Miley Cyrus as a “white Rihanna” and commented on the singer pulling from black music, the rapper has offered similar comments when asked about Canadian crooner Justin Bieber.

While speaking with Vlad TV about those who leech off of Bieber and his fame, Lord Jamar stated that the singer is a leech himself. According to Jamar, along with “a lot of other white artists,” Bieber leeches off of black music.

“I ain’t even as mad at him as a lot people are,” he said. “He’s a little fuckin kid…Do you know how much of a fuckin asshole you’d be at 18, 19 with however many millions of dollars and bitches on ya dick and all that type of shit? Are you kidding me…What I’m saying is the little mothafucka is young. Look who he got around him. He got a bunch of fuckin yes-men and people who’s trying to leech off of shit. But then that in turn is like karma because he’s a leech. He’s leeching off black music. Like a lot of other white artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that white fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”

Lord Jamar also addressed the cosign he believes white artists need from a black man in order to get into black music. He then commented on artists from other genres and professional athletes’ desire to live like rappers.

“I told you they all need a cosign from a black man to get into this shit initially,” Jamar said. “To get into black music you need that cosign somewhere, somehow. So yeah, but he came in as the cute, little, white kid from YouTube. From Canada singing his heart out and you know. They like that. White people like that. But he’s being influenced by Hip Hop culture and R&B culture. How it is nowadays, which has been influenced by Hip Hop…Just like sports players want to be rappers and shit like that. Like they’re not happy with just being famous and having that money. They want to have that extra little fuckin whatever it is that rap niggas have. They want that. And so he wants that too.”

The Brand Nubian lyricist later suggested that someone like Lil Twist, an artist who is a good friend of Bieber’s, may eventually take the fall for the pop stars actions.

“So, he surrounds himself with black people to try to—Association brings on assimilation,” he said. “But as soon as the shit hits the fan and now they’re looking at him bad. He’s not necessarily gonna blame it maybe on Lil Twist, but I bet you somebody who’s like ‘It was that Lil Twist wasn’t it? He’s the fuckin one that fuckin pulls you into this shit?’ And now he’s like ‘Yeah, it was Lil Twist. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was the one.’”

Other artists Lord Jamar has criticized include Seattle, Washington emcee Macklemore and Memphis, Tennessee-born singer Justin Timberlake. In September of last year, he criticized Macklemore for pushing an agenda in a genre he feels the rapper doesn’t belong to.

“I can’t go to somebody else’s house and even though they let me wear their clothes and eat their food, that’s not my house,” he said while speaking to Vlad TV in September. “That’s their house. And I can’t get so comfortable in their house that I feel like I can now start talking house politics…To me when people like Macklemore come out with songs like that, I know he loves Hip Hop and all that, but he’s trying to push an agenda that him as a white man feels is acceptable.”

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