Following a video release of the singer using the n-word as a 15-year-old and his subsequent apology, another video of Justin Bieber using the n-word has been released.

In the newly-released clip, Bieber reportedly uses the n-word several times. 

“One less lonely [expletive],” he sings in the video. “One less lonely [expletive]. One less lonely [expletive]. There’s gonna be one less [expletive].  If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK. There’ll be one less lonely [expletive].”

Though the n-word is bleeped out, TMZ confirms that he uses the racial slur. 

TMZ reports that Bieber was 14 at the time of the video recording. He had just seen a video of a comic saying “one less lonely girl.” He replaced girl with the n-word, the site says.

Bieber reportedly told Usher and Will Smith about these videos years ago and that he felt it was a “stupid thing to do.” Usher reportedly took him in a room to show him historically racist videos to exemplify the impact racist clips can have.  

According to TMZ, several people have tried to extort the singer and he now wants them shown and also wants to accept responsibility for these clips. 

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