“25 Things In Rap That Are Never Not Funny” is a list crafted by Complex

“Rap is serious business,” the publications says. “But in between the posturing and posing, there’s a lighter, funnier side that pops up every so often. Thanks to the Internet, these moments are immortalized and shared on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and email chains ad infinitum…Here are 25 Things in Rap That Are Never Not Funny. Go ahead, have a laugh at your favorite rapper’s expense.” 

Several rappers appear on the list for an array of reasons. Among those listed are the following items: Jay Z diving, DJ Khaled working out, Charles Hamilton getting punchedFreeway looking out of place during Jay Z’s “Made in America” festival announcement, Lil Wayne’s WAM dance, Jay Z throwing a football, Drake wearing head-to-toe Dada, Gucci Mane talking to kids on Career Day, Lil B respectfully calling Game irrelevant and Action Bronson doing a cartwheel.

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