After Game called him “the wackest rapper of all time,” Lil B has responded to the diss, paying respect to the Compton, California native but deeming him “irrelevant.”

Earlier this week, Based God was caught on camera leaving Freak City in Los Angeles, California, where he addressed the comments. “Game’s talking about me, but right now, and I respect Game. I got Live From Compton 1 and 2, so Game already know he’s a legend in my book. But he’s irrelevant. Based God!” he said.

The response comes in the wake of Game explaining why he can’t listen to Lil B’s music. “This is crazy man, the wackest rapper [is] Lil B. He’s got to get it, ” he said. “I heard him on [Lil] Wayne‘s [mixtape] Sorry 4 the Wait [on ‘Grove St. Party (Freestyle)’ ], and that was it. That was it. I couldn’t [listen to him again], that was it…I never heard really anything else [he’s recorded] that I could even [compare it to] to call it wack, but I remember I heard [his verse] and that’s what it was it.” 

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