When it comes to speaking his mind on just about any given subject, Game’s never been one to hold his tongue. So when the Compton emcee linked up with the equally notorious DJ Vlad for an interview, it came as no surprise that the end result would find Game naming his personal list of the top five wackest rappers of all time, or that someone as notable as Lil B would end up at the top of that list.

Game explained why the Based God took the top tier position on the list that also includes Lil’ Zane, Vanilla Ice and Memphis Bleek. He said that his first and only time listening to Lil B was on “Grove St. Party (Freestyle)” off Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 the Wait, and that his performance on that song was more than enough proof to solidify his position.

“This is crazy man, the wackest rapper [is] Lil B. He’s got to get it, ” he said. “I heard him on [Lil] Wayne’s [mixtape] Sorry 4 the Wait [on ‘Grove St. Party (Freestyle)’], and that was it. That was it. I couldn’t [listen to him again], that was it…I never heard really anything else [he’s recorded] that I could even [compare it to] to call it wack, but I remember I heard [his verse] and that’s what it was it.” 

Game also named his former adversary Ras Kass to the number two position on that list. He said that while he respects Razzy as a lyricist, some of the Waterproof MC’s actions over the years, most notably those leading to their multiple scuffles over the years, earned him the number two spot.

“Ras Kass – not lyrically, but rappers as a whole. We’ve got to incpororate that,” he explained. “When you’re judging, you’ve got to remember to think about every entity [of his character]. So at first, we were talking about wack at rapping, but now we’re talking about wack rappers. The reason why he’s wack is becasue he does wack rapper shit. He gets the number two spot, and my fist may just be biased to that, but he slides in at number two.”

The full five parts of the interview can be seen at HipHop-N-More.com.

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