Lil B stirred up some controversy by naming his latest album I’m Gay, but came under the gun when he added “(I’m Happy),” thereby changing the title’s impact. Speaking with Brooklyn Martino, the Based God defended his decision to put an addendum on the title that resulted in death threats.

“Shout out to everyone who said I copped out by putting ‘I’m Happy’ under ‘I’m Gay,’ but that was my reasoning,” he said. “How can I cop out when in my head, I had a plan to do that? Like, I’m not literally a homosexual, but I’m happy.”

He explained that while he didn’t intend to imply that he was gay, the Bay Area native said he had ulterior motives.

“I did it to also embrace the homosexual community also, but some motherfuckers was like, I copped out, ‘Ah B, you should’ve stuck with the “I’m Gay” title.’ I’m not totally gay, but I am gay. Salute. Perez Hilton, Gaga.”

I’m Gay (I’m Happy) was quietly released to iTunes on June 30th, selling 1,700 copies its first week.

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