There are at least 17 things that make Kanye West really happy, according to BuzzFeed.

The list includes several things, like ice cream, using Photobooth, wire-rimmed glasses, giving North [West] a piggy back ride, Oprah’s hand on his knee, zip-lining and Will Ferrell are among the things that make Kanye West happy. 

The list actually includes 16 things that make him happy, as one of the items on the list is as follows:

“When Kim takes bathroom selfies. JK. THIS DOESN’T MAKE KANYE HAPPY.” 

In the list, “greeting John Meyer” is also deemed one of the things that makes Kanye West happy. As its proof, the publication posts the following gif. 


“Beating Beyonce at Connect 4″ is also on the list. 

“Looking on as Rihanna hugs someone,” is also on the list.

“Himself” also makes him happy, according to the publication.

“His wrist” also make the rapper happy, the site says. 

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