With the upcoming debut of Eminem’s Battle Rap tournament event Total Slaughter impending, battler Daylyt used his Youtube account to address Battle Rap league owners with some advice for the future. 

“All of ya’ll need to come together because these motherfuckers have the money to buy all of us out,” he said. “What if Eminem goes, ‘Yo, Lux, here’s $600,000. Don’t battle ever again nowhere else…Here’s a $100,000 Chilla [Jones]. We’re going to lock you in for five years.’ These niggas gonna take it. Listen to me man. Everybody cut the egos, cut the beef. Join together for the sake of Hip Hop and for the sake of underground Hip Hop. Join together or else it’s over man. It’s over. That’s real nigga shit.”

“You need to form The Avengers to beat this shit because you are not—I repeat—you are not going to beat Total Slaughter by ya’ll dolo,” he said. “It is a mission that is impossible. You are not going to tackle by [yourselves]. There is no more ‘World’s Most Respected.’ That shit is out the window. You niggas have to merge to even come close to fighting this type of monster. Eminem has released the fucking Kraken. You are not going to beat this type of monster fighting dolo, shooting small bow and arrows at this type of monster nigga.”

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