Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, Dizaster described his sometimes conflicted support for fellow battler Daylyt.

“He got people liking him and he’s doing something that people are making it seem like it’s right to do,” Dizaster says. “If it’s right to the people and it’s entertainment, you can’t really be mad at the end of the day. If people all turn on Daylyt…people are like, ‘Fuck that, we don’t fuck with Day anymore.’ Then I think his homies and most people gon’ be on his head, including me. I’m definitely gonna be like, ‘See, you dumb motherfucker.’ But we can’t do that today because he does this shit and he’s a genius. He’s really pulling this shit off.”

In his interview with Battle Rap, Dizaster also referenced Daylyt’s battle against B-Magic and spoke at length on his high opinion of former battle rapper Soul Khan.

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