Sitting down for his first interview with VladTV, battle rapper Chilla Jones weighed in on the forthcoming matchup between Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don.

Chilla said Hollow will have “too many things to talk about” given Joe Budden’s public life, something Budden himself dismissed. 

“He’s lived his life and his career on a much bigger scale,” he said of Budden. “We’ve seen him on reality TV. We’ve seen everything from music videos to mixtapes. There’s so much for Hollow to feed off. So much for Hollow to research and bring to the table. I don’t think Joe has that much to go off. I think Joe’s approach just be more bar-heavy. He might just be more schemes, punchlines and wittiness. And I think Hollow, his approach is going to be very personal and very direct. I don’t know. That’s gonna be tough to call. I think like Hollow and [Loaded] Lux, if Joe does what I think he can do, it’ll be another preference battle. It’ll just be kind of what you prefer. I don’t know man. Hollow’s tough for anyone.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chilla Jones offered his thoughts on the planned rematch of Loaded Lux versus Murda Mook. Read the full story on Battle Rap