Speaking with Mikey T The Movie Star in an interview released yesterday (April 10), Hollow Da Don explained wanting to challenge Loaded Lux and the benefits of a possible battle with Joe Budden.

Describing his UW Battle League matchup against Loaded Lux earlier this year, Hollow said he felt like nobody else was willing to step up to the rapper.

“I expected a lot of hate at first but it was a lot of love,” he said. “People just gotta accept that I was the only that really was trying to go at this guy when everybody’s like, ‘Oh, Lux my man…Nah, I could never do that.’ Like, c’mon, we have competition. Let’s compete. Nobody was really calling this dude out, nobody wanted to go at his head, so I took it upon myself ‘cause I feel like I’m the #1 so, they saying he #1? Oh word, well where he at? Lux is the type of person—he’s like me, we don’t really gloat…let the people decide. A lot of people was saying that off that one battle, the Calicoe joint, so I definitely had to clarify that, I feel like I’m #1, so let’s go at it.”

Hollow Da Don Explains Why He’ll Beat Joe Budden In A Battle

Asked about his potential battle with Slaughterhouse emcee Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don also broke down why he feels like his opponent would be out of his element.

“I’m gonna put my foot in his ass,” he said. “Definitely gon’ put my foot in his ass. Joe Budden’s a dickhead but he’s cool. He’s like a cool dickehad. He’s in a way, but sometimes—he’s not that bad—but then you’re like, ‘You’re an asshole.’ He’s 50-50, but it’s definitely a step up for my buzz. I’m not acting like I’m doing a favor on this one. It’s definitely gon’ be a great death for him, I guess, because I don’t know what he expects to get out of this…Let me not lie, I still would of took it ‘cause he’s a name. I’d battle Master P. This is a name, people are gonna watch this. So let me not say I wouldn’t battle nobody if they not nice, but I definitely respect what he do. I think he’s smart enough to adapt. I don’t think it’s gonna be a walk in the park. It’s like Mike Tyson going to UFC type shit, he might beat a couple motherfuckers but he’s not gonna beat the best motherfucker. You might knock a couple motherfuckers out but I’m gonna get you in some armbar [or] choke where your ass gon’ tap out ’cause this dude does this for real ‘cause we’re not going in a booth. You can say he can outrap me on a track. That’s fine with me. We’re not going track for track. That’s cool.

“People think it’s just a battle but with a battle this big of a magnitude, you gotta try to win the war,” he added. “After the battle, you gotta do more battles than the next dude you just battled. You gotta try to book a battle better than him. You wanna get paid more. It’s still competition to me. You’re not just winning the battle. You winning the war. If I battle somebody and then I just go do another battle after that with anybody, it’s gonna like, ‘Oh, he lost. He’s trying to bounce back.’ It’s definitely a step up, that’s all I’m trying to go to the top.”

While no details have been announced, both Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don have confirmed plans to battle. Earlier this year, Joe Budden Tweeted about the possibility. 

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