As a nod to Drake’s role as the official “Global Ambassador” of the Toronto Raptors, GQ has compiled a list of “Let’s Give Every NBA Playoff Team Their Very Own Drake!”

The list, which appeared Tuesday (May 13), pairs rappers with the NBA Franchises that were still in the playoffs at that point. 

The Washington Wizards, who have since been eliminated by the Indiana Pacers, were paired with Kendrick Lamar.

“They look like potentially the next great team in the league,” GQ says in its story. “So they get Kendrick Lamar. He’s a little more established in his career than they are in theirs, but you get it. This year’s playoffs for the Wizards is basically for them what it was for Kendrick right as he was releasing good kid, m.A.A.d. city.”

The Pacers, who will face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, were paired with J. Cole.

“They struggled to get past the Hawks (who I think was here representing the YMCA) and even though they seem to be handling the Washington Wizards, it’s the Wizards who have been exciting and fun while the Pacers have been wack and lame,” the story says. “So, duh, the Pacers get J. Cole, who has won the ‘Gross. Go Away’ award for the last five years; his reign in that category is history’s most unthwartable dynasty.”

Pharrell was paired with defending champions the Miami Heat.

“The Heat are reliable and they have star power and they cannot be stopped when they decide they do not want to be stopped and it was interesting for a long time but now it’s just kind of like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we get it. You’re great,’” the story says. “Man, I am so fucking sick of hearing ‘Happy.'”

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