Addressing rumors of a possible return to battling, Cassidy spoke with The Leak and largely dispelled the possibility, saying he “won’t even be motivated to do it.”

Asked specifically about a rumored battle against Murda Mook, Cassidy explained not being interested given their friendly relationship.

“Actually they didn’t,” he said when asked if any league had approached him about it. “Mook, that’s my man now, too. We be talking. He even got signed to Ruff Ryders. That’s where I started. So, that little thing about him wanting to battle me, he said he was reaching out to somebody back in the day. That shit never came to me.”

When asked directly if he would consider the battle, Cassidy said he wouldn’t. “Nah, ‘cause Mook, that’s my little man,” he said. “I fuck with Mook so I wouldn’t want to do that.”

Speaking more generally about his lack of interest in a late-career return to the ring, Cassidy said that he’s been offered the chance.

“They just reached out to me not too long ago,” he said. “They want to put some shit on pay-per-view and offer a large amount of money, but the shit gotta make sense to me. I elevated from that. I’m not battling no more. The reason why I was battling in the beginning was to get my name known and let niggas know that I bite heads off so that I could eventually get in position to start making money. I been making money for longer than these niggas probably been coming out the house. So it’s like for me to backtrack and go back to battling, I feel as though [is] the wrong move for me. Only way I would do that if it was like an artist that accomplished something like I accomplished it. It’d be worth me doing it, for me to even get motivated to want to do it.

“Let me give you another analogy,” he continued. “You don’t even gotta be Floyd Mayweather, but if you like even Manny Pacquiao, a person that might have lost a lot of fights. But even if a nigga win the Gold medal in the Olympics, you not gonna fight the nigga that won the Gold medal in the Olympics because it’s even against the law for them to fight. It’s not even the right thing to do. The nigga that won the Gold medal gotta turn pro and beat a lot of professional niggas first before he qualify to fight somebody like that. I feel as though these little URL niggas—not taking nothing away from them—the reason why the views is going up is because that’s one of the main places you could hear bars nowadays ‘cause niggas ain’t really spitting. So when niggas wanna hear niggas saying something they gotta go to one of them battles and that’s what them niggas is bringing to the table. So that’s good for Hip Hop. But for me to go and battle one of the niggas that just battle all day, that’d be pointless and I won’t even be motivated to do it. I won’t even get nothing out of it. At the end of the day it gotta be somebody that I feel like be worth me doing it for.”

Cassidy Describes Working With DMX & R. Kelly

With the interviewers broaching the topic of controversy of past collaborators DMX and R. Kelly, Cassidy largely shunned any discussion of their personal lives.

“Last time we talked, we was together like a couple months back,” he said of DMX. “X been doing him. He been wilding. Sometimes when you got up-times, niggas just block out the fact that you be wilding and doing certain shit. And then when you have downtimes, the media like to bring a lot of the other shit to light. So it seems like it’s more crazier now than it used to be when really it’s just the same. That’s just how X is. X fam. He talented whether it’s rapping, acting, whatever he doing. So, he wilding. Him and the people in his immediate circle gotta deal with it. I don’t get caught up into that. I just show him the same love every time I see him regardless of what he’s going through.”

Moving onto the public scandal surrounding R. Kelly’s alleged sex tape, Cassidy said “I don’t get caught up into that.”

“When I did ‘Hotel,’ R. Kelly wasn’t my homie,” he said. “That was my first time getting around him…We flew out to Chicago. He invited me into the studio. He was a cool nigga. All the shit that’s going on outside of that I ain’t really know about then or I don’t really give a fuck about ‘cause I was just interested in doing a song with a nigga that could sing his ass off, write crazy records, and make hit records. So that was my main intention. We got that done. He showed me love. He didn’t necessarily have to, but he was fucking with my vibe. Twista, a couple motherfuckers was in the studio when we put it together and it came out crazy. I still perform that song to this day and niggas still sing it and go crazy. So at the end of the day, what niggas be doing in their personal life, whether it’s X or R. Kelly, I don’t get caught up into that. I only focus on they music. All that other shit, I don’t get caught up into that. And I don’t really be knowing the truth unless I talk to them, unless I seen it myself. There’s a lot of shit that go on on these blogs—like even some shit ya’ll just brought up with me—that don’t necessarily be the truth. So if you run with any information you hear, it’s like I don’t got time for that. It is what it is.”

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