In countless interviews, Atlanta rapper Young Thug has expressed his admiration for Young Money emcee Lil Wayne, an artist he says is his idol. And with the announcement that Tha Carter V will serve as the final album in Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter series, Young Thug has revealed that his new project will be titled Carter VI.

“Nah, I just feel like I’m that big,” Young Thug said after he announced the name of his next project. “Cause he feel like after Tha Carter V he ain’t gonna make no more music. Cause he feel like can’t nobody make music like that.”

During an interview with MTV earlier this month, Wayne declared that Tha Carter V would serve as the final album in Tha Carter series and would also be his last solo album.

“I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes, and it’s definitely the final Carter album,” Weezy said while speaking with MTV. “It’s the final Carter album. It’s stopping at five. I didn’t smile when I said it.”

Both Lil Wayne and Young Thug were one of a number of artists present at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas earlier this month. While speaking with DJ Whoo Kid, Thug revealed that he was leery of attending the festival at first, but after attending, he says he doesn’t plan on missing the next one.

“Fuck yeah, I enjoyed it. I didn’t even wanna go at first, man. When I [stayed] there for like three, four days. Oh yeah, I ain’t never missing the next one,” Young Thug said before speaking on his competition. “I feel like if I did step into the world I wouldn’t feel like it’s no competition.”

In addition to referring to Lil Wayne as his idol during an interview with Fader magazine in February, Young Thug also doted on the New Orleans spitter while speaking with Complex at the top of the year about his dream collaborations.

“Yeah. Because he has 10-15 years in the game on top and the fact that he knows he can lean back and retire and he still doesn’t,” he said. “I hope Wayne is listening, I want to get in the studio with Wayne more than anybody in the world. I’ll get in the studio with Wayne before Michael Jackson right now so I hope he listening.”

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