Atlanta native Young Thug’s two hits “Danny Glover” and “Stoner” have escalated him to the top of club stardom and was one of the most in demand artists to see at South By Southwest this year.

Thug performed at Fader Fort down in Austin, Texas, among other shows at the yearly festival, and talked to the show’s host company afterward. When asked who was his biggest influence in rap, Thugga named Lil Wayne and Birdman as the most influential figures in his budding rap career.

“Wayne, Wayne and Wayne,” Young Thug said in reference to Lil Wayne as an influence. “The fact that the nigga got 100 M’s and he still rap everyday, it’s amazing… Rich Gang to the death. Big shout out to Guwop. He was a big help to my career. But, I’m with Rich Gang and that’s how we gone turn it up… [Birdman] is like a real father figure.”

When asked about his upcoming joint project with hometown homie Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug said the release is going to be a “world-breaker.”

“I think it’s going to be a world-breaker so if you’re not Fader, you can’t get a free show,” he said. In regards to his February arrest in Atlanta, Young Thug said he was arrested under a false pretense.

“I turned at the light, next thing I know the cops was behind me telling me I dragged, [and was doing] some kind of doughnuts or something,” Thug said. “My rims are $7,500 per rim, why would I be doing doughnuts?”

Watch the full interview below: 

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