According to the New York Daily News, sources close to Jay have revealed that Jay-Z has had “mixed emotions” about the tour since it began earlier this month. One source told the news that “Offstage, they’re not even speaking, it’s become a huge problem.” Sources even cited that R. Kelly was disturbed by the reception that Jay-Z received in his hometown of Chicago. “Jay-Z destroyed R. Kelly onstage,” a source shared.

Tension also struck when R. Kelly simulated sex with two women on stage… while dressed in prison apparel. Jigga was reportedly annoyed by Kelly’s antics. The two are also appearing on stage less together as reported by a Chicago critic. Jay performed their duet smash “Fiesta” without Kelly to accompany him.

As more dates are cancelled due to “technical difficulties” speculation has risen as to the causes. The rumored tension dates back when the two recorded Best of Both Worlds but had to cancel the blockbuster tour and promotions for the album halted because of Kelly’s alleged sex crime case in which Jay-Z supposedly didn’t support Kelly during tough times. At this point this is all merely speculation.

“A tour like this goes through constant adjustment. Things get added and dropped all the time,” a Kelly spokesman revealed. “Jay and Rob have known each other for years and have tremendous respect for each other.”