In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar briefly circled back to the topics discussed in his September 2013 interview with the website. In his September interview, the New York lyricist declared that white rappers “are guests in the house of Hip Hop” and in his most recent interview with Vlad TV, the New York emcee stated that that comment also goes for Eminem.

In addition to labeling Eminem a guest in Hip Hop, Jamar shared his belief that white artists need a co-sign from a black person in order to be successful in black music. Among the artists Jamar says received a co-sign are the Beastie Boys, Justin Timberlake, and Eminem. He also suggested that Vanilla Ice’s lack of a co-sign is the reason why the rapper wasn’t successful.

“If this is not black music then how come every white artist needs a co-sign from a black person? Beastie Boys had the co-sign from Run DMC,” Jamar said. “Eminem had the co-sign from Dr. Dre. Vanilla Ice didn’t have a co-sign. That’s why he didn’t fuckin last. Macklemore, see I don’t know who his co-sign is. Now he might be an exception to the rule, but I don’t know who his co-sign is. But at the same time, black peoples not really fucking with Macklemore like that.”

Prior to sharing his thoughts on co-signs, Lord Jamar offered his opinion on Miley Cyrus and revealed that the singer is trying to be a “white Rihanna.” He also stated that since Miley is white she’ll likely be more successful than Rihanna.

“She’s doing historically what a lot of artists have done,” he said. “You know what I mean? The ones that go for the shock value. But she’s also trying to pull from black music. Like to me, she’s trying to be the white Rihanna. She’s just pushing a little further. I mean, listen to her music. Listen to the way it sounds. The way she’s singing. Like she’s trying to sound like Rihanna right now. Like let’s keep it real. She cut her hair short trying to look like Rihanna. You dig what I’m saying? But she knows that that whiteness will propel her even further than Rihanna. Because in a country where white people are the majority, that’s what they want to see.”

Detroit wordsmith Eminem was later brought up during Jamar’s conversation on white artists and black music and was subsequently labeled a “guest in the house of Hip Hop.”

“Just like in Eminem. We had a lot of people talking about ‘Is Eminem a guest in the house of Hip Hop?’ You’re mothafuckin right he is,” Jamar said. “Just cause he sold the most records and all of that like…I fucks with Eminem, you know, as a lyricist and all of that, but it’s like we are in America. Okay? Where the majority of the people are white. Now the majority of the people in the world are not white. But here in America they’re white. So, when you have a white artist doing black music, white people just gravitate to that crazily. You know what I mean? But sales doesn’t equate to greatness.”

Following Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers in September of last year, he’s shared his thoughts on artists both black and white. Last month, he offered advice to Chicago rapper Chief Keef and in the same month he demanded an apology from Alabama emcee Yelawolf after he informed Jamar to “shut the fuck up” during an interview with Vlad TV.

“I’m gonna give you a chance to publicly apologize,” he said. “And if you can do that I’ll leave you alone. If you don’t, if I ever see you it’s on on sight. I don’t have nothing to talk about. I’m running at you at a hundred miles an hour. On sight. That’s how I grew up. You know what I mean? So, that’s all I can say really. I’m not even emotional about it really. It’s nothing to me.”

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