Brand Nubian emcee Lord Jamar recently offered fellow rapper Yelawolf an ultimatum during his latest interview with Vlad TV. Jamar offered Yelawolf, who informed the rapper to “shut the fuck up” following his comments about white rappers, the chance to either publicly apologize for his remarks or risk the chance of scrapping with the New York lyricist if they were to ever cross paths.

“I’m gonna give you a chance to publicly apologize,” Lord Jamar said. “And if you can do that I’ll leave you alone. If you don’t, if I ever see you it’s on on sight. I don’t have nothing to talk about. I’m running at you at a hundred miles an hour. On sight. That’s how I grew up. You know what I mean? So, that’s all I can say really. I’m not even emotional about it really. It’s nothing to me.”

Joined by former Power 105.1 personality Star, Lord Jamar expressed his belief that he should be respected due to his contributions to Hip Hop. During his discussion on respect, he referenced Hip Hop pioneers Grandmaster Caz and Afrika Bambaataa and revealed that he would never consider disrespecting those two artists regardless of what their opinions may be.

“If Grandmaster Caz—and I’m not trying to say I’m Grandmaster Caz or Bambaataa or any fucking legendary person who started this shit,” said Jamar. “But what I’m saying is those are people who came before me that I respect. And I know my Hip Hop history. So, if someone like Grandmaster Caz or Bambaataa, anybody said something that I didn’t agree with, never in a million years would I tell them to ‘shut the fuck up.’ Because I have respect for those that came before me. Whether I agree with what they saying or not. I have respect…Bitch ass faggots like you have to understand that you can’t just talk any kind of way to me. Like, I will beat the shit out of you.”

Star also offered his two cents in the matter, threatening to “slap the shit” out of Yelawolf for what he feels is a lack of respect for someone who served as a pioneer in Hip Hop.

“Yelawolf I will slap the shit out of you,” Star said. “Real talk. This is Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian. He came up and pioneered a plethora of things [in regards to] Hip Hop culture and rap music. There’s certain people you just have to be mindful of. I don’t ride nobody’s dick and I have hated on this man. But just watch your fucking mouth. That’s all, man.”

The feud between Lord Jamar and Yelawolf first began when Jamar stated that white rappers “are guests in the house of Hip Hop.”

Upon hearing Jamar’s comments, Yelawolf responded to the white rapper statements during his own interview with Vlad TV. While the Alabama rapper did at one point side with Jamar’s remarks, he did tell the rapper to “shut the fuck up.”

“On the flip side, yeah, we’re guests, if you look at the roots of everything, but that’s like saying here’s a house that we built as a people,” Yelawolf said in his November interview with Vlad TV. “We built this house, Black people. And then a few generations ago, it’s been rented out. It’s been renovated. It’s been changed. Black people, White people, Asian people, people all over the world has been to this house, lived in it, used it, abused it, fixed it up. It is now a different home. It doesn’t matter who laid the first brick. Now you have to just embrace the fact that this house is better now that different ideas have come in to put a different window in there, a different roof on it to change this, to change that, to make it more livable.”

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