Lord Jamar says that Hip Hop culture was made by the leaders in the community, and that artists who are popular today, including Drake, would not have been embraced by the Rap community several years ago.

“This Hip Hop shit was made by masculine black and Latino males,” Lord Jamar says during an interview with VladTV. “This is the Alpha male shit, not even the Beta male, who they’re pushing at us now, your Drakes and your fucking Kendrick Lamars and all these softer type of dudes. [Drake], he can rhyme and all that, but trust me, he wouldn’t have popped off in the ‘80s or ‘90s. Dudes would have looked at him as too soft.”

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Lord Jamar says he has particular reasons why Rap fans in the 1980s and 1990s would have deemed Drake too soft to be respected.

“All that falsetto singing and that type of shit,” Lord Jamar said, “dudes would have been like, ‘What the fuck?’ even if he could sing good.”

Despite his criticisms of Drake, Lord Jamar says that the rapper-singer has skill.

“I think he can rhyme his ass off,” Lord Jamar says. “He got a nice singing voice and all of that, but does he represent the Alpha males? No. Is he the type you could see on the block runnin’ some shit? No. Was he one of those dudes running around the hood and got his name ringing bells and all that shit? No.”

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