Last week, Lox released an iTunes exclusive EP, The Trinity, without release or promotion. 

In a recent interview on New York’s Hot 97, the trio of Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch spoke addressed the sometimes-unclear status of their group. “We never broke up as The Lox,” said Styles. “We kept our unity as a brotherhood. You don’t hear one of our solo albums without the other two on it. You don’t see one of us anywhere without at least one of us being there, or two of us being there. The lack of our album is due to politics, but we’ll get around the politics, and you will get a body of music.”

Jadakiss added, “This was the icing that fixed all of that.”

Styles agreed. “This was like saying, ‘We here, and screw the politics.’ It all kind of worked. Everything is just flowing right.”

The conversation switch to New York’s perceived lack of dominance in Hip Hop in 2013. “A lot is not all your blame,” said Styles. “It’s not all the radio. It’s the artist’s blame, too. Make a song. Make a song how you make a song, but don’t lose your sound. A lot of New York artist over the years lost that New York sound. A lot of New York deejays chasing that dream. The New York deejays, they lost that New York sound all at once.”

Styles continued, “But there been dudes like Action, Joey,” he said. “Y’all don’t be playing their joints like all the time or trying to break them. …You playing them now, like Troy Ave getting love now, but he wasn’t getting no radio love last year. …New York Radio, New York club, New York deejays: I’m not saying don’t play Down South music. …Just play New York stuff, too! Like, we from New York! This is New York City! This is the Mecca of Rap!”

The Hot 97 staff defended its playlists, pointing out that younger deejays prefer to play half-hour set of the most popular Southern music. Jadakiss responded, “How they gonna learn when you guys, forefathers, play that?! They just copying y’all set! All the new, up-and-coming hot deejays is copying the big deejay set!”

Listen to the interview below:

Lox debuted in the #141 spot this week on Billboard, with approximately 8,000 units of The Trinity EP sold.

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