The UW Battle Rap league is slated to host its “High Stakes” event in New Jersey’s Club NV January 26. The event is set to be the stage for a much-discussed battle between Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux. Recently, UW released a “Face-Off” video which features the battlers set to be featured at the event.

“Everybody talks,” Loaded Lux says in the clip. “I built this off work. That’s the bottom line and [Hollow Da Don] know that.” 

In the “Face-Off” clip, Hollow, who had a seemingly unrelated fight with John John Da Don at the event, responds.

“I don’t like him,” Hollow says in the clip, referring to Loaded Lux. “He knows I don’t like him.” 

Beyond Hollow and Lux, UW’s “High Stakes” is also slated to feature Tsu Surf versus Calicoe; Hitman Holla versus O Red; and Daylyt versus B-Magic.

According to the “Face-Off” clip, the event is scheduled to air via U-Stream as it takes place.

“Real-time streaming,” the clip says. “No waiting weeks for battles to post. No biased edits. What you see is what you get.” 

More from the “Face-Off” can be viewed below. 

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