Hollow Da Don, who is set to battle Loaded Lux at UW Battle League’s upcoming “High Stakes” event slated to take place January 26, has released a video blog addressing his recent fight with fellow battle rapper John John Da Don.

“Negative shit brings more negative shit,” Hollow said in his video blog about the scuffle that took place at UW’s “Face-Off” event meant to promote “High Stakes.” “I did some negative shit so I expect more negative shit. I regret it, but it’s something I’ve gotta live with. We all make mistakes. Everybody’s human. Shit happens.” 

Hollow apologized to Loaded Lux, his “High Stakes” opponent, for his fight with another battle rapper. He also apologized to UW Battle League. 

“I came and brought some negative shit to a positive environment,” Hollow said. “Everything [on UW’s part] was done professional.” 

In his video, Hollow also explained his issue with John John Da Don. He said it stems from their early days in Battle Rap, when both worked under Grind Time Now. He said John wanted to battle him, but Hollow felt a battle against John wouldn’t benefit him in his career. 

“Ever since that day, this nigga’s been dissin’ me,” Hollow said. “That’s cool. We can keep it rap, but once you get disrespectful…You’re not gonna tell me to suck your dick. You’re not gonna tell me, ‘You’re a bitch-ass nigga. You’re pussy.’ Words is done. You won’t see me tweetin’, callin’ nobody out after that. I’m just gonna do what I do when I see you.” 

In his video blog, Hollow said he saw John at the UW event and greeted him. “I could’ve snuck him if I was a bitch-ass nigga, but I don’t do shit like that,” he said. After approaching him and saying “What’s up?,” Hollow said he punched John. 

“I popped, my nigga,” Hollow said. “I swung on him.” 

Several people got involved in the scuffle. In his video, Hollow said he’s still willing to settle this with a fight.

“If nigga really can settle this, I’m a man,” Hollow said. “We can fight one-on-one wherever. Or if you just wanna squash it like it’s done, I’m cool with that. But I’m not gonna go back and forth and do all this extra shit.” 

Still, Hollow said he’d prefer to get past this.

“Shit is corny at the end of the day, my nigga,” he said. “Niggas don’t get nothing out of this.” 

UW’s “High Stakes” event is slated to feature several other battles. Tsu Surf is set to battle Calicoe; Daylyt is slated to take on B Magic; and Hitman Holla is scheduled to battle O Red. Tickets are on sale now.

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