Loaded Lux is set to face-off against Hollow Da Don at the February 2014 UW Battle League event

After announcing the battle, Loaded Lux spoke with HipHopDX about the challenge. 

“I didn’t select this opponent,” Loaded Lux said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “The fans did. I’m like a hired  mercenary. They point them out. I lay them down. I’m surgical with this. I come in and get the job done, go back to what I was doing. The fans just want to see how I’m gonna do it.”

Loaded Lux Compares Himself To Floyd Mayweather

Loaded Lux said fans can anticipate the best from him.

“I expect the best performance of my life, and as a result, I expect to shine an even brighter light on the culture,” Lux said. “I expect that the perception of battle rappers will change and they can start getting paid their worth. I expect that people will have a greater respect for the art.

“I expect to be the Floyd Mayweather of the culture by bringing money to the game,” Lux continued. “As Shaq would say, ‘Everybody eats.’ If you don’t think big, you’ll stay small. I expect to go down in Battle Rap history as the godfather of the culture. They say styles make fights. If true, then I expect that this will be the biggest and most entertaining battle in history.” 

Loaded Lux Says He Is Not A Battle Rapper

Loaded Lux says he is at an important stage in his career, one where he can be more selective of his opponents.

“At this stage of my career, I don’t think I need to battle everybody to be relevant,” Lux said. “I’m not a battle rapper. I’m a rapper that battles. I’m doing both, making music and battling.

“I have my new mixtape out, You Gon’ Get This Work, hosted by Shaq and I’m working on a new project with !llmind, Justice League and my brother AHK 2G’s,” Lux continued. “A lot of the new fans don’t know my resume. They gon’ learn today.”

Loaded Lux Says He May Retire After Battling Hollow Da Don

Lux’s February 2014 battle may be his last, he said. 

“In all honesty, this will probably be my last battle,” Lux said. “So I’m not looking for a new home, so to speak. I’ve known [UW Battle League head] Arsonal for some time now. He started on [Loaded Lux’s Battle Rap league] Lionz Den. I like what he’s doing. Most important, he’s showing growth and taking a business approach to his career. His management team approached my management team and they hammered out a deal, real business and professional.” 

Loaded Lux’s most recent battle took place against Calicoe at SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 2 event in 2012. Hollow Da Don’s most recent battle was against Tsu Surf at SMACK/URL’s Night Of Main Events 3

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