Loaded Lux’s next scheduled battle is set to be against Hollow Da Don on UW Battle League in February 2014.

Lux’s match-up was announced yesterday (October 13). 

Hollow Da Don confirmed the battle via Twitter, saying that it is set to be a “classic.”

Hollow Da Don’s Twitter update can be viewed below. 

Lux and Hollow Da Don were previously slated to appear on SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 3 event. The two exchanged barbs prior to the battle, but the match-up wasn’t booked, at least in part due to a disagreement between Loaded Lux and SMACK/URL over financial matters. 

It’s been reported that Loaded Lux requested approximately $40,000 for the battle. 

According to Loaded Lux, SMACK/URL made a poor business decision regarding Summer Madness 3 by not booking the battle, which is now slated to take place under UW Battle League. 

“I say that was one of the poorest business decisions in Battle Rap history,” Lux said of his exclusion from the event in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX before Summer Madness 3 took place. “Here you have a guy that has increased the fanbase 10 times over. Since my Calicoe battle, I’ve been on ‘Howard Stern [Show].’ What battle rapper has done that? You don’t get more mainstream than Howard Stern. What battle rapper is quoted on ‘NBA Today’ on ESPN? What battle has ever gotten 3 million views? Can you even name the ‘Summer Madness 2’ card without thinking about it? What battle rapper is quoted or mentioned in mainstream songs as much as I have been? I’m not trying to blow my own horn, but if ever there was an opportunity to capitalize on this thing that we do, this was it. 

“There is a worldwide audience for Battle Rap and they were watching and waiting with eager anticipation for Lux versus Hollow [Da Don],” Lux continued. “The Battle Rap audience is much larger than can fit in Stage 48. My management team came with a plan to reach that audience. We didn’t come Goodfellas style, ‘Fuck you pay me.’ We came to the table with two additional revenue streams that they were not considering. So we were essentially paying ourselves. Live stream pay per view. If one percent paid $20, that’s $600,000. With proper promotion, one percent was attainable, maybe even more. That’s what we were trying to negotiate. Then, [we suggested] pay-per-view on-demand for, say $2, after the battle. The income was there and we only wanted a 30% share. We were going to let them recoup 50% of my fee from the pay-per-view revenue. I think they were afraid to go get it. 

“Let’s be very clear,” Lux added. “This is a business and what battle rappers do is almost phenomenal. A recording artist can make hundreds of thousands of dollars off one song, doing the same show over and over, night after night and get royalties. Let a battle rapper repeat a bar, let alone a whole verse, he gets booed. We have to bring new material every time. Not only that, we have to memorize it and be on our toes for rebuttals. We just make it look easy, but it’s not. The fact is we had others that wanted to promote the battle, but we wanted to show loyalty to URL. That is our family. I must mention that through all of this, Hollow was on point with the revenue potential of a battle between us. He’s a businessman. We couldn’t get URL to see it. As the story goes, scared money don’t make money.” 

In his August statement, Loaded Lux said his plans for the future include greater attention to his music career and an added focus on his own Battle Rap league, Lionz Den. 

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