Tech N9ne and Monster Energy have launched the “Ultimate Fan Challenge.” 

The winner gets a personalized “Caribou Lou” gold plaque.

In order to be considered Tech N9ne’s #1 fan, upload a photo showcasing what makes you Tech N9ne’s #1 fan to Monster Energy’s Music Facebook page.

Submissions will be accepted until January 6. On January 7, Strange Music will finalize nine of the Top 10 spots. The tenth photo will be the photo that has the most likes on Facebook. 

On January 9, Strange Music will contact the 10 finalists via e-mail that they have been selected as finalists. The 10 finalists will also be announced on Facebook.

The next day, Tech N9ne and Strange Music will select the grand prize winner and notify them via e-mail. 

On January 13, Strange Music and Monster Energy will announce the grand prize winner. 

Tech N9ne was presented with the gold plaque for his “Caribou Lou” single October 30 at the Kansas City stop of his “Something Else” tour.

“They just surprised me [on stage] and stopped my music right in the midst of me doing it,” Tech N9ne says backstage at the The Midland Theatre by AMC during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in October. “I had no idea. I saw those plaques and my heart went up in my throat ‘cause I’ve been waiting on them. But this is like validation that it did it. When you hear it, it’s like, ‘Yeah. OK. Maybe they’re just embellishing a little bit.’ They’re not. It made me feel real good and it means so much to me to show Kansas City first. They were the first to get it.”

“Caribou Lou,” which was featured on Everready (The Religion) in 2006, was certified gold in July. Travis O’Guin, Tech N9ne’s business partner in Strange Music, called Tech N9ne, who was traveling at the time, to let him know that he had earned his first gold certification.

In October, Tech N9ne and Strange Music teamed with Monster Energy for “Monster Energy’s Fan Fly-Away.” The contest winners were Katie and Eric Brown Jr., who were flown from the San Francisco Bay Area to Kansas City for the Kansas City stop of the “Something Else Tour 2013,” where they joined Tech N9ne on stage and got to see him receive his gold plaque for “Caribou Lou.”

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