Ja Rule and DMX came up in the Rap industry at approximately the same time, both making it big in the late 90s. Both of their careers have also been marred by legal issues.

Sitting down with The Grio, Ja Rule gave his take about X’s recent legal troubles, particularly the $1.2 million he owes in back child support payments. 

“I love X and we’ve got a great history,” Ja said when asked about DMX’s troubles. “We came up together in this business. It’s kind of sad to watch my homie go through what he’s going through.”

Ja Rule also said the public loves to give people second chances and that he hopes DMX will realize what he’s doing is “destructive.”

Ja Rule Believes DMX Can “Bounce Back”

“This is America,” he said. “We love to see people bounce back. We love that comeback story. I don’t think it’s far off for X to come back and do something significant, and people to love him again. I think he just needs to maybe seek God. It has to be something drastic that changes the way he lives and the way he goes about his everyday lifestyle. Hopefully he’ll realize that what he’s doing is destructive.”

Ja Rule and DMX have seen legal troubles affect both of their music careers. In July 2011, Ja received a 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion. In July 2007, he was arrested for gun and drug possession charges. DMX has faced everything from animal cruelty to drug possession charges. As recently as August, X was arrested in South Carolina during a traffic stop after making an improper u-turn and was arrested due to an outstanding warrant for driving under suspension.

The two have also produced a lot of music together. DMX was featured on Ja’s song “It’s Murda” from his debut album Venni Vetti Vecci in 1999. The two also beefed for a period of time, a feud which was squashed back in 2009.

Mentioning God in the interview, Ja Rule has recently been been promoting his new film I’m in Love with a Church Girl.

Watch the full interview below:

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