Lil Durk recently spoke about purchasing Chief Keef’s music, potentially getting along with Jay Z and the important role his son plays in his life. 

“The most interesting person I’ve ever met was my son,” Durk said in an interview with Complex

Besides being the most interesting person he’s met, his son’s safety is also important to Durk. This is why he says that he has purchased a new home for his family. 

“The most expensive thing I bought was a house in Chicago,” Durk said. “The area’s good. Plus I have a son, so I want everything [to be the] best for him.” 

Aside from answering questions about expensive purchases, Durk was also asked who he’d like to meet. 

“Somebody I never met that I think I’d get along with is Jay Z,” Durk said. “He’s about his music and his work. I be about the same thing, plus I’m young. He likes motivation anyway.” 

Aside from Jay Z, Durk also spoke about his bond with Chief Keef. 

“The first album I ever bought was Chief Keef,” Durk said. “We all came up together so I bought his album.”

Though he said they “came up together,” there have also been rumors of a feud between the two Chicago rappers. In July, Durk spoke about the alleged beef

“Sneak-dissing is talking behind each other’s backs,” Durk said. “We had a couple of words, but that ain’t sneak dissing. I’m doing me. That’s all I’mma say…I don’t be at Twitter looking at no Tweets, man.”

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