The rift between Chicago rappers Lil Durk and Chief Keef may appear to be fueled by a handful of comments made on social media, but according to Durk, any words the two Windy City artists exchanged were not made in a subliminal manner.

After serving a recent jail sentence, Lil Durk appeared on DJ MoonDawg’s Chicago-based radio show to speak on his upcoming mixtape, his affiliation with Coke Boys, and of course his feud with Keef and other members of the rapper’s Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) label.

The Def Jam signee remained relatively tight-lipped while speaking on his reported beef with Keef and merely stated that they did once exchange “a couple of words.”

“Sneak dissing is talking behind each other’s backs. You know what I’m saying? We had a couple of words, but that ain’t sneak dissing,” Durk revealed. “I’m doing me. That’s all I’mma say…I don’t be at Twitter looking at no Tweets man.”

Prior to speaking on Chief Keef, Lil Durk promised to release his upcoming mixtape, Signed To The Streets, during the month of September and commented on his ties with the French Montana-led Coke Boys.

“Yeah, I got a deal with Def Jam. It don’t really mess with nothing. You know what I’m saying? Cause it’s not two major labels,” the rapper explained. “The whole Coke Boy movement—it’s a big ol’ movement. East Coast, West Coast, at the same time. It’s really just French. By me politicking and seeing his ways, I’m like ‘I could come help him. I could be the next big thing from Coke Boys.’”

Despite Lil Durk’s claims of not exchanging any sneak disses with Chief Keef, just days ago both rappers let loose a number of subliminal messages via Twitter.

Audio from Lil Durk’s interview with DJ MoonDawg can be found below (via XXL Magazine).

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