After three years of marriage Mack 10 and T-Boz of TLC have decided to call it quits. T-Boz also known as Tionne Watkins-Rolison filed for divorce from Mack 10 also known as Dedrick D-Mon Rolison, alleging he committed adultery during the marriage and threatened to kill her. T- Boz alleges Mack 10 had threatened to kill her many times over the year’s as recently as June 8th. According to T-Boz the first threat occurred in October 2002 as T-Boz left her home with their daughter Chase and Mack 10 grabbed her and said she couldn’t leave.

“My husband informed me that he would smash my teeth down my throat,” she said in the affidavit. “I asked my husband to give my daughter back to me and I reached for her, and my husband pushed me to the ground twice. At that point, my husband grabbed me around my neck and choked me,” threatening to kill her, T-Boz said.

T-Boz said the police were called to the scene n March 2003, T- Boz said she realized their marriage wasn’t working. The affidavit states, Mack 10 threatened to have her “erased.” Mack 10 denies all of the allegations that T-Boz has alleged and feels her statements are an attempt to gain an “advantage” in court and keep him from seeing their daughter. T-Boz has filed a temporary restraining order keeping Mack 10 from coming within 100 yards of her. Mack 10 will appear in court on June 22nd.