Celebrating 13 years of independence, Hip Hop label QN5 will performing its last QN5 Megashow on August 16.

Label head Tonedeff spoke on the annual show. “More so than any of our club dates, we really grind to make it as much of an experience as possible.”

Label members CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, PackFM, Substantial, and Kokayi will take the stage for the last QN5 Megashow ever. Surprise guests special treats and the energetic live performances that have come to be associated with the label are expected.

Kno, Tonedeff, Kokayi & PackFM Provide Perspective On QN5’s Final Show

“For me it’s a chance to see what I consider my musical family, which includes artists and fans, in one place at one time,” said Kno of CunninLynguists of the show’s meaning to him. “It might be the last Megashow, but that simply makes way for the First Annual QN5 Traditional Texas Barbecue & Feral Alpaca Round-Up. Onward & upward,” he added.

Tonedeff, however, felt more mixed feelings. “As a DIY event, it’s such a huge organizational undertaking and financial investment that the stress of putting it together has easily shaved a good five years off my life,” he joked. “On the other hand, pulling it off year after year is one of the most gratifying things I’m personally involved in – because I get to see the direct impact of the work we do on the faces of our fans. It really can be breathtaking – but I can only see it once the show is over. So, I’m gonna miss that feeling. We’ve really set a precedent with these shows and I’m looking forward to going out with a bang and putting the appropriate icing on the cake with this one.”

Kokayi, who signed with the label in 2009, weighed in as well. “the Megashow is the amalgamation of like-minded individuals who, though differing stylistically, share the same purpose, all sharing the same stage. Sometimes you just have to bow out on top. Gracefully. It also leaves room for other configurations for live performances.”

PackFM viewed the end of the show as the beginning of other opportunities. “People think that this being the last one is a bad thing, but the truth is, we’re just making room for bigger and better things, and giving the fans one last chance to be part of this monumental event.”

QN5 Artists Speak On The Label’s Connection With Its Fans

Tonedeff heaped effusive praise on fans of the label and show. “QN5 fans log multiple hour trips via bus, plane, car and foot to be in the company of other likeminded fans, talk shop and watch the all-out frenzy they’ve come to expect with the entire label’s roster live on stage at once. To them, THIS is where history is made.”

“We want the people flying in from all over the world to come away thinking ‘My god, that was worth every cent,’” he continued. “We pull out all the stops and I think anyone who’s seen the show over the years will tell you that it’s only gotten bigger and crazier every time out.”

Kno provided an anecdote exemplifying the fans’ strong connection to the label. “I had a fan offer me his wife once,” he said, with PackFM adding, “I was on stage in the middle of a song. A fan in the front row hands me a folded note. The note was a song request. It said he’d flown all the way from New Zealand to see the show and that song was what got him into QN5. Then he held up his arm and it had the lyrics tattooed on it.”

Kokayi revealed a fan tale of his own, revealing he became friends with a qn5.com forum member. “She’s become the homie, like we hang out for real when I’m on the West Coast in the Yay. She has become a true friend beyond just being a fan.”

“For me, it was in 2009,” said Tonedeff, chiming in. “The fans put together a beautifully hand-made scrapbook – full color, complete with hand-written messages of gratitude, encouragement and support. I’ve received one or two gifts over the years, but this took the cake without question – this was clearly made with care. It was handed to me on stage, and by the end of the night, I thought I’d lost it. It was nowhere to be found. The high of pulling off the show, and the sets was suddenly replaced by a deep sense of guilt that I couldn’t shake. I called the venue and had them scouring the premises for this thing. It was nowhere to be found. I even asked if they’d thrown out their trash, which they had. I was DEVASTATED. Fortunately, it turned up buried in a weird sidepocket of my bag that I missed and I was finally allowed to enjoy life again. I no longer felt like the douchebag artist who lost this beautiful one-of-a-kind gift from a fan. All I know is that I was willing to comb through a weekend’s worth of garbage to find it. That’s the kind of connection I have for our fans.”

The QN5 Megashow takes place on August 16 at B.B. Kings in New York City, New York at 7:00 PM. For tickets and information, visit QN5.com or BBKingBlues.com.

Watch a video trailer for the show below:

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