Baltimore, MD native Substantial recently underwent serious surgery to have a potentially “precancerous” growth removed from his large and small intestines. In a recent interview with, the emcee discussed the surgery as well as his next album and tour.

“The purpose of the procedure I had on May 10th was to remove the section of my large and small intestines, where the growth was located. As I mentioned before, I don’t have cancer but I have decided to do the […] surgery as a preventive measure.”

“Being an independent contractor/youth worker/artist/producer has its advantages and its disadvantages,” continued Substantial. “The type of work I do here in Baltimore, MD is not the type of job where I get a disability check. Fortunately, I have medical insurance (through my wife), or else we would be in even worse financial trouble but unfortunately my family and I still have the challenge of making up for the income I’ll lose over the next month or so. So for those of you who have said to me and my family ‘If there’s anything we need help with, don’t hesitate to ask,’ here’s how you can help. For those of you who use paypal and wish to make a monetary donation, you can send funds to my Paypal account using this email account: or contact me, using the same email address, to find out other ways you donate money.”

Substantial also revealed  that he will be releasing his next project for free on June 21 via his bandcamp site: Additionally, he will be heading out on a new tour soon.

Watch the interview below:

In other news, J the S gearing up to release an EP titled The Sky Is Falling.

The rapper has partnered with Restless film to release the entire EP via music video, the first of which can be seen below.

J the S reportedly wanted to go beyond presenting everything via MP3, choosing to bring the full version of music to life via video and audio.

The project features Jon Hope, Lisa Bello, Franco Anthony and Millyz with production from J. Cardim, Keelay, Blaze P and Nelly Protoolz.

The files will be available only via Band Camp on

Watch the first video from the project below: