PackFM made headlines and raised some eyebrows when he titled his album I Fucking Hate Rappers. Originally slated to be a Domingo and Pack offering, the final product features FM over beats by Domingo, Tonedeff, Marco Polo, J-Zone and more. With the digital version available, a limited edition pack is also ready for fans who want more from the emcee. Recently, Pack spoke with HipHopDX about the album, his limited edition pack and explained why he disses Common on his latest single.

HipHopDX: So, there’s the limited edition pack of the album with a lot of extras. What made you decide to put together a pack like that?
PackFM: Just to give the listener an all around experience. People want more for their money and we gave it to them. This is a collectors edition, and all the pieces really enhance the record. We need fans to be reconditioned to buying music, so we have to give them things they cant download.

DX: The album, if I’m not mistaken, began as a full length with Domingo only. I see that’s evolved into having Domingo tracks alongside others, including Tone. How did that change?
PackFM: Domingo’s schedule got really hectic, and we couldn’t keep pushing it back anymore, so I reached out to the producers in the camp like Tone, Kno and Deacon,I’d already been talking to J-Zone and Marco Polo about working together, so I figured no better time than now.

: The lines about Common on the single that was just sent out…Where did that come from? What inspired that?
PackFM: Well remember “The Bitch In Yoo?” Common was getting at Ice Cube real hard for switching his whole style up to whatever was the flavor of the month and for being in movies. Look at Common now. I think Common is a talented writer, but he’s shown that he’s not above flippin’ the script for the sake of relevance. [No pun intended].

: His song remains one of the best diss songs to date, according to many. But, I was wondering what made you go at him without provocation. With Ice Cube, there was a beef to address. Is this album going to see a lot of you calling out emcees in general?
PackFM: I don’t have any beef with Common, I’m just using hom as an example. I come from a different era, where people were held accountable for things and if you felt something about someone, you said it. What good is me holding my tongue going to do? This album is me saying what i think and feel uncensored. “If you hear a name mentioned, it ain’t to gain attention. My intention is the same even if I’m blacklisted.” So you might hear a rappers name here and there on the record, but it’s not to start a publicity beef, its just how I feel.

DX: A lot of emcees are afraid of that. What allows you to be fearless in that regard? Did the theme “I Fucking Hate Rappers” grant you the freedom to really speak out on emcees that aren’t repping it right, in your view?
PackFM: The other day I said, “Why worry about burning bridges, if you aren’t trying to cross over?” What is the point of being an artist if you don’t express what’s on your mind? A lot of rappers are afraid of saying things they feel, because they think it’s going to burn bridges. But if you feel a certain way, why do you even want to be affiliated with it? My integrity is way more important than my “connects.” Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to go around making reckless statements. Anything I say is valid and I’m not in this to disrespect people. I’m just saying what’s on my mind.

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