After receiving a scholarship to Michigan State University, Pennsylvania teen and local star athlete Jay Harris’ dreams of pursuing a career in Hip Hop have resulted in the Downingtown East football player and high school senior being stripped of his scholarship to the East Lansing, Michigan school.

According to Philadelphia’s The Inquirer, a Michigan State spokesperson stated that the decision to pass on Harris’ scholarship to the college was a “mutual” one. Harris even shared that the decision to pursue a rap career was one that he’s pondered over for quite some time.

“I’ve always had this in the back of my head, but never had the courage to tell my parents that this is what I want to do,” the teen athlete revealed to The Inquirer.

Harris, who goes by the stage name Jay DatBull, is currently preparing for the June 1 release of his album and also has plans on linking with Cleveland producer M. Stacks in the near future. M. Stacks has worked with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller and reportedly reached out to the teen personally.

“I try to take advantage of every opportunity I get, and for him to like my music and reach out to me, I really appreciated that,” said Harris.

The accompanying video to Harris’ single “DatBull 4 Life” can be found below.

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