Prodigy recently chopped it up with, remaining vague on his current standing with Havoc and touching on how his time in prison improved his life. During the interview, he spoke on the up-and-comers from New York City, New York, praising A$AP Rocky and Joey Bada$$ for their fresh contributions to the culture.

“I definitely love what A$AP doing. I really like Bada$$, he’s real dope,” he said. “It’s a bunch of artists, man. I definitely support the new rappers because they got something new to bring to the table. You can’t keep doing the same old shit. It gets boring. So it’s good to have a whole bunch of choices, ’cause too much of the new shit get boring and you want to hear something else, too. So you gotta have different things.”

He also touched on his upcoming album with Alchemist, Albert Einstein, which sees the pair reuniting for the entirety of an LP. P compares it to Return of the Mac in that they both have concepts, and that it will most likely “surprise” listeners. 

“The last one we did together was Return of the Mac, so we figured it was about time to go ahead and do the next one. That was our first project together and it did real good. It had a nice little concept. The concept was it had a blaxploitation ’70’s feel to the album. So this new one that we doing, once again there’s gonna be a concept. And we gonna surprise people with what it is this time, but it’s basically the same type of thing, though. Al doing all the beats and I’m just going in and painting a picture of what the whole thing is gonna be.”

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