In 2012, news of Mobb Deep’s hiatus broke in a most unceremonious fashion—via Twitter. After initially denying a series of derogatory and homophobic posts were aimed at Prodigy, Havoc later stated that he was indeed the source and that the group was on hiatus. And while their respective solo careers roll on, Prodigy took to PNC Radio’s “The Usual Suspects” to reveal all hope is not lost for fans of Mobb Deep.

“Yeah, I’m sure about that,” Prodigy replied, when asked if he’ll ever record with Havoc again. “I love Mobb Deep…Mobb Deep made my life what it is. Havoc feels the same way, so we’ll be right back to work. For right now, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. I’ve got goals I’m trying to accomplish, and I really can’t let nothing sidestep me or get in the way of that. If that means I gotta put Mobb Deep on standby for the time being, then so be it.”

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Tracks such as Havoc’s “Separated (Real From The Fake)” left little to the imagination, as far as confirming at least a temporary split. But P confirmed that he and Havoc have spoken, and he pointed to his multiple Mobb Deep tattoos as proof of his loyalty. Prodigy’s next scheduled project is the Albert Einstein album with Alchemist, which is slated for release in the first quarter of 2013.

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