The feud between Mobb Deep members Havoc and Prodigy has become an on-going dispute. Along the way, Havoc accused Prodigy of snitching and said that he was hiding his homosexuality. There was even a rumor of the two being involved in a physical altercation and disses have been handed out. However, in a recent interview Prodigy declined to speak badly of Havoc, shouting him out and saying he feels good.

When the topic of Havoc came up, Prodigy refused to speak badly of his Mobb brother. Instead, he focused on what he’s been up to since being released from jail and even shouted Hav out.

“I’m getting a lot of work done. It feels good,” he explained in the interview with ThisIs50. “I’m independent. I feel I’m in a good place right now. I feel good. I’m just gonna continue doing that. Shout out to Havoc too. Shout out to Hav. That’s my dog.”

Later in the interview, Prodigy did say that some “people deserve to get shot.”

“Some people just need that. Some people deserve to get shot,” he said. “Some people deserve to get shot and die. Certain people just deserve the worst shit to happen to them.” 

However, when asked if he was talking about Havoc, he said that he wasn’t, adding, “Nah. Hav don’t deserve that.”

Prodigy was also asked if he has ever participated in homosexual activity. When asked, he replied, “Hell fuckin’ no. Hell no.” 

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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