While more people are coming out of the woodwork to weigh-in on the fracas between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy’s camps at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, one key witness – DJ Drama – has yet to give his take on the event. Now, Complex has reached out to the Gangsta Grillz impresario to clear up the confusion.

Drama, who briefly appears in the footage of the fight, said that the rumors of Jeezy and Ross’ fight ending in gunshots are completely fabricated. He recalled that he walked back with Jeezy from the main stage, and when the ATL emcee bumped into Rozay, only a few words were exchanged and some pushing and shoving occurred. He added that the footage that has circulated throughout the Internet shows only the aftermath of the incident.

“I saw [Jeezy] in the house. Then we walked backstage at the same time,” he recalled. “Jeezy was walking one way, Ross was going the other way. They stopped briefly, exchanged a few words, and there was some pushing and shoving. That was pretty much it…I just heard a couple, ‘What’s ups,’ I didn’t hear what else was said.”

He continued, “The video that you see is all after the fact. Jeezy wasn’t even inside at that moment, he was already outside. The confrontation in the video is Ross’ manager, Gucci Pucci, trying to get to Ross and the cops trying to stop him because they don’t know who he is. There’s no footage of the fight. That’s all afterwards…it wasn’t a fight. No shots were fired. It was a small disagreement, but it was a small disagreement between two very important and big individuals within hip-hop. It’s been the talk of the town.”

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