Despite having sixteen years under their belt, California crew the Styles of Beyond have only managed to release two full length projects. Now, however, it looks like west coast foursome is ready to drop their long-awaited Reseda Beach album.

Originally record for Mike Shinoda’s Machine Shop Recordings, Reseda Beach will finally drop on Dirty Vision Recordings this October 23. The album features guests Celph Titled, Apathy and Mike Shinoda, and production from the likes of J Dilla, Mike Shinoda, Apathy and Scoop Deville.

The tracklist can be seen below.

1. Here We Go (Produced by Scoop Deville)
2. Hard (Produced by J. Dilla)
3. Sugar Honey Iced Tea (Produced by Vin Skully & Co-Produced by Cheapshot)
4. Take That f/ Celph Titled (Produced by Aqua)
5. Call My Name (Produced by Apathy)
6. Bumble Bee (Skit) Starring Alex 2Tone
7. The Pirate Song (Produced by Vin Skully & Co-Produced by Apathy)
8. Damn (Produced by Vin Skully & Co-Produced by Cheapshot)
9. Dumb It Down (Produced by Apathy & Co-Produced by Mike Shinoda)
10. Howdy Doody (Produced by Cheapshot & Co-Produced by Vin Skully)
11. Live from Ibiza (Skit) Starring Alex 2Tone
12. You Love Us f/ Somaya Reece (Produced by Vin Skully)
13. Shut Everything Down f/ Celph Titled (Produced by Vin Skully & Co-Produced by Apathy)
14. Dunky Fividends f/ Apathy (Produced by Vin Skully)
15. Second To None f/ Mike Shinoda (Produced by Mike Shinoda)
The Valley (Outro) Starring Alex 2Tone

In other news, yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur. In light of this, Tupac’s older brother and former member of Thug Life Mopreme Shakur chopped it up with Train Wreck’d Society to reflect on the life of his late sibling.

Mopreme spoke on the impact that his brother’s music made on Hip Hop culture and the after effects of his murder. He feels that both Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. have effectively watered down the message of Hip Hop and led to the increased commercialization of music.

“I believe that after Pac and Biggie, the powers that be were scared to death and decided to censor and stifle certain artists and types of music, messages and themes,” he said. “Or the machine makes it financially impossible for an indie artist to get some light. This was already happening before the whole music business shrunk from digital impacting the business of music. The bubblegum artists get the big machine, but they often sacrifice their message. The machine has totally immobilized some artists and nearly all reality rap, aka Gangster rap.”

Check out the full interview at Train Wreck’d Society.

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