Dr. Dre worked closely with Tupac Shakur during his lifetime, knocking out numerous classic records. During an interview with Ice-T for his documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, the West Coast veteran recalled hitting the studio with ‘Pac, explaining that he would write his lyrics in the booth and lay down song after song.

“It was incredible. I remember being in the studio with Pac and he actually went into the mic booth to write, and I was like, OK, that’s different. So I’m in the control room and he writes the lyrics, ‘Aight, I’m ready!’ He spits ‘California Love,’ one or two takes. Like, ‘Aight, put the next thing up.’ And he would just sit in the booth, like ‘Put the next thing up!’ I think that’s why he has so many songs and so much material. He was incredible. A serious machine, a serious talent.”

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